Travel to Lolland in Denmark

27 Jun

Denmark is a magical land that is surrounded by mystical tales of little maids, majestic castles, delicious pastries, Vikings, and stunning beaches. Denmark is rich in everything from famous beaches to Tivoli Gardens; luckily, there is something to view by all the age groups. Lolland is probably the ideal place to visit. Lolland is an island that is located in southern Denmark. The island is located on the busy traffic route that connects Copenhagen to Germany. Therefore, most people come to the island, but only a few have the chance of stopping here for a wonderful time.

The official language here is Danish as with the rest of Denmark. Nonetheless, a good population of people has familiarized themselves with English particularly the young generation. Several tourists who visit Lolland are basically from Germany since the city is close to Germany. Due to this aspect, you can come across a few locals here who can speak some German especially if they are in the tourism sector. The tourists frequently come here during the summer vacation.   Check out Holeby Hotel or Lolland Holeby for the best hotel in Denmark.

This beautiful island can be accessed by car through the tunnel from Falster. Also, you can access Lolland via ferry from Puttgarden in Germany. The town can also be accessed via local train that connects several cities. There is also an airport in Copenhagen which is over two-hundred kilometers from the city. Else, those who have private airplanes and jets can land in Holeby and then drive to Lolland.  

While in Lolland, there are several resorts and joints that you can visit including Hotel Lolland and Hotel Holeby. The hotels are situated in an ideal location where you have a better view of the sea. Beer is a perennial favorite drink for the Danes, and you will thus find it being served on these hotels. If you want to move away from the standard Carlsberg and Tuborg options, for you to try more drinks that the local has on offer, Lolland boasts of its brewery that is located at Maribo. In this brewery, you will be spoilt for choices.

The good thing about Lolland is that you can enjoy the nature as well as the relaxed and serene environment that you cannot easily find it in any other place in Denmark. Tourism in Denmark is not listed to a city of Lolland. There are a host of other beautiful cities that you can visit once you land in Denmark. For instance, you can consider visiting some of the best museums in the world that are situated in Copenhagen. Here are more travel tips:

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